Probability, Possibility, Inevitability

In a life coaching program I joined a few years ago, I learned a very important concept—in every moment, we choose to live in probability, possibility, or inevitability. Probability means we rely on what happened in the past to determine our reality in the present. This often plays out with a doom and gloom mentality; e.g., “It didn’t work then so it’s not going to happen now.” You could say this is equivalent to holding yourself hostage.

Living in possibility is golden. It suggests that you never know what might be behind door #2, regardless of what happened in the past. It makes room for curiosity and adventuring down a new path.

Inevitability is what comes after possibility; when you’re so sure the “thing” you desire will come true—one way or another. It’s simply bound to happen. It’s not even a question. You trust.

The idea that I can choose which lens to look through at any given time blows my mind. It means I co-create my lived experience.

I LOVE when life presents a turn of events. While initially I may meet it with resistance, if I’m fortunate, I have the wherewithal to greet it with curiosity and walk through the door of possibility.

Because then… sky’s the limit.

The Story

Last week I was taking a morning walk among the redwood trees in Northern California. I found my way back to my walking practice; podcast piping in my ears as I strolled.

The subtle voice in my head became more prominent than the podcast. “Ditch the Sugar Academy”—where are we at; where are we going? My mind started dancing, and I knew powerful change was coming my way.

Faced with the question—What is the essence of this work— my message; our healing; our direction… Part of me wanted to shut the flood gate because I knew a shift was approaching, but the deeper part of me knew I needed to step through the door because inspiration was knocking.

And voila’, my intuition spoke LOUD and clear. A rebrand was upon us.

… Holding space for the content and teachings we’ve been sharing in the membership, and making room for a broader and deeper pathway of healing.

Ditch the Sugar Academy will be morphing into

Inner Attunement

Liberation From Emotional Suffering Using The Shadow & Light Framework™.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Compulsive Eating
  • Spiritual Fragmentation
  • Work Distress

Doors to the membership will reopen on September 2nd (my birthday:) and you’ll be able to join us in the Inner Attunement Circle.

Inner Attunement Circle: A community where we learn to cultivate self-alignment and restore inner harmony.

This of course affects our thoughts, emotional states, practices, and every outcome in our lives.

The Shadow & Light Framework™, as an intuitive mindset method, will continue to be foundational in our growth together.

Inner Attunement Circle




The membership includes:

  • Monthly release of Inner Attunement Masterclass, pre-recorded w/ accompanying documents as needed
  • Monthly Live Group Workshop to build community, receive coaching, and Q&A—themed around our Masterclass topic
  • Inner Attunement Roadmap (running title) – our self-paced curriculum
  • The Freedom Path (signposts to navigate your growth) – simplified, revamped; coinciding with the curriculum
  • Our Private Members’ Facebook group

I praise you for the commitment you’ve made to raising your awareness and taking careful consideration for your physical and mental health, and peace of mind. Your participation in the Inner Attunement Circle Membership, should you choose to join us, will be a gift to us all.

The path of Inner Attunement—attuning with ourselves, those around us, and Mother Nature— is our liberation from emotional suffering and gateway to healthy living, spiritual connection, and satisfaction with our work.

Email me with your interest:

Peaceful healing,
Dr. Nicki