You know that vision of yourself “out there?” It’s the one that reflects the bigger, brighter, most powerful you. Visioning is a powerfully, effective way to manifest, so by all means, don’t stop imagining. The question is, have you given much thought to whether your vision of yourself matches who you truly are? This “match,” is called self-congruency.

While your vision has the power to create expansion and growth in whatever areas you desire, there is a caution. If you stay in imagination ONLY, and do not step forward into closing the gap that exists between your vision of yourself and who you truly are RIGHT NOW, you perpetuate distance and disconnection from your true self.

When your vision of yourself matches who you are—your behaviors, thoughts, and actions—how you live, relate, and create—you become aligned in the Vortex, as Abraham teaches, and are able to live with greater fulfillment, peace, and awe.

4 Keys to Self-Congruency

#1. Follow Your Intuition

That subtle quality, the nuance or inkling known as your gut feeling is often felt as an early instinct. You must follow your intuition because she is your intimate guide and the compass that will point you in the most fruitful direction for your highest good. Intuitive messages often come in the gap between thoughts.

Intuition is NOT about “taking your mind to counsel.” Back n’ forth, up n’ down, pros and cons; this process has its place but it is NOT your intuition. It’s about following your sense of knowing now, before ever having to “figure it out.”

#2. Say NO to What Is NOT in Alignment with Your Intuition

When you say NO more often to what is NOT in alignment with your intuition (your highest good), you will synchronistically be saying YES to what supports you more fully. Honor your sense of knowing yourself, period. At times this can be difficult in face of others’ needs and judgments; forge ahead anyway.

THIS IS YOUR LIFE, precious in every way, so don’t let it pass you by. There is just no time to allow yourself to be over-powered by others or by the mainstream voice in our culture.

#3. Know When to Make a Move

Are you a fan of the T.V. show, Survivor? It happens to be one of my favorites. If you’re a fan, you know that on Survivor, you need to know when to make a BIG MOVE to make significant strides in the game. Big moves are awesome, and smaller moves have value too. When that door opens (and only you know if you are following your intuition), STEP THROUGH.

Plans are great, but doors tend to OPEN when least expected. If it seems “too soon,” it may not be. When opportunity knocks, answer. If you feel afraid, you are likely walking in the right direction… beyond your comfort zone. If your gut says yes—GO.

#4. Practice Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

In the Holistic House of Lifestyle Medicine, we practice. It’s not about perfection; it’s about knowing that practice creates growth and transformation and so we practice. Notice I did not say “love yourself more” or “accept yourself more.”

I said PRACTICE. You can practice self-love and self-acceptance with nurturing, nourishing actions such as deep rest, bubble baths, preparing a nutrient-dense meal, or taking a peaceful walk etc.

What affects your sense of self-love and acceptance to the fullest extent, however, are your thoughts about yourself—what you tell yourself about you. And even more so, your FEELINGS about yourself and how you energetically treat yourself.

keys to self-congruency

If you’re not sure how to “get there,” remember, Gratitude is the Red Carpet to Wherever YOU Want to GO.

Self-congruency is where your vision of yourself matches who, what, and how you truly are RIGHT NOW. Take inventory; check in with yourself. There is no one to fool. Again, there is no one to fool. For greater fulfillment, peace, and awe, it’s time to close that gap. Get up close and personal with yourself right now and notice how close you are to matching your magnificent vision.

I would love to hear from YOU. Your reflections on the 4 keys to self-congruency are most welcomed!