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Unexpected Growth Is the Spice of Life

Probability, Possibility, Inevitability In a life coaching program I joined a few years ago, I learned a very important concept—in every moment, we choose to live in probability, possibility, or inevitability. Probability means we rely on what happened in the past to determine our reality in the present. This often plays out with a doom and gloom mentality; e.g., “It didn’t work then so it’s not going to happen now.” You could say this is

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This Is How We Thrive in the Age of Anxiety

Is This the Age of Anxiety? The term was coined in 1947 by W.H. Auden in his long poem of the same name. He won a Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 1948. His poem highlighted human isolation, which is certainly not foreign to us during this time of pandemic, or “plandemic,” based on your perspective of the current world order. I suggest that basking in anxiety—worry, unease, nervousness—can be relentless regardless of world events. We

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Outa Sight; ‘Outa Body’: Do Sober Alcoholics Hang Out in Bars?

This article is about sobriety, environment, and physiology in relation to compulsive eating and sugar addiction. One of the first recommendations I make to clients who long to end the madness with sugar addiction and compulsive eating is to set-up their environments for successful recovery. I call this “sculpting your space.” This includes home, work, and other frequented places. We talk about removing processed, refined carbohydrate-laden snacks (cookies, crackers, pretzels, cereals…), trashing the rancid, inflammatory

My 50-Year Old Midlife Crisis Awakening: 7 Lessons Learned

As I was drifting off to sleep last night, knowing that today was blog-post writing day, I asked my muse—my source of artistic inspiration—to bring me a topic. She did: I was to write about my 50-year old midlife crisis awakening. For the last eight months I have been on an unexpected journey. At age fifty (now fifty-one), I left the town where I was living (with a dear beloved) and we headed north. Where

Reflections on Type A Behavior and Health Concerns

Can shifting Type A behaviors help to save your life? I could choose to write about anti-inflammatory meal plans, raw foods, juicing, blending, eating healthy fats and proteins, and moving your body, but it simply wouldn’t be enough. These lifestyle choices are all very important, critical in fact. However, my integrative, holistic approach to wellness beckons me to broaden my examination of lifestyle practices, to include stress, mental/emotional patterns, and Type A behavior. All of