Dr. Nicki’s Book, Wave Goodbye to Type 2 Diabetes

“Contrary to what conventional medicine generally believes, type 2 diabetes is reversible … even preventable. All the secrets for how to do this are right here in this engaging book.”
Christiane Northrup, M.D., New York Times best-selling author of Goddesses Never Age, The Wisdom of Menopause, and Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Wave Goodbye to Type 2 Diabetes

Published in 2019

Available in Paperback and Digital Formats.

Wave Goodbye to Type 2 Diabetes: 16 Holistic Practices to Prevent & Reverse Diabetes & Reclaim Joy, Vitality, & Plenty is a simple guide to transforming your health.
While conventional treatments only target symptoms, Dr. Nicki’s methods bring clarity to the underlying causes of the disease.
Through personal reflection and simple daily practices, you’ll learn how to break the cycle of insulin resistance—the underlying cause of diabetes—and sustain a healthy HbA1c.
Whether you are pre-diabetic or a longtime sufferer, familiar with holistic living or have never walked into a health food store in your life, Dr. Nicki’s methods will help you claim the quality of life you never thought possible.
In Wave Goodbye to Type 2 Diabetes, you’ll discover:
– 16 transformational daily wellness practices including “carbohydrate wrapping,” smart supplementation, and heart-healthy stress-reduction techniques
Real life examples of how Dr. Nicki manages diabetes with lifestyle practices while being perfectly imperfect
– Clear, actionable steps to help you phase out your dependence on dangerous chemical drugs
How to swap out energy-zapping, self-sabotaging habits for healthy / integrative alternatives
– Simple ways to prepare healthy, delicious snacks and meals and much, much more!
Wave Goodbye to Type 2 Diabetes is your guidebook to healthy living. If you’re ready to defy the odds of the mainstream medical model, explore simple holistic approaches to wellness, and receive ongoing support from an online community of like-minded people, then you’ll love Dr. Nicki’s transformational handbook for living disease-free.
“Dr. Nicki does an eloquent job of shifting mindset around “conventional wisdom” and offers holistic, intuitive solutions that can dramatically improve the lives of individuals with Type 2 Diabetes.”
       – Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles, Ph.D.

“Dr. Nicki is an expert on healing Type 2 Diabetes. She has given us an eloquently written guide to understand, treat and sidestep Type 2 Diabetes. Thank you Dr. Nicki for Wave Goodbye to Type 2 Diabetes!”
       – Lisa Toburen, Ph.D.

“Four months on and having addressed following your regime, my health has returned and pain and lack of energy, low moods and uncertainty has been replaced by a pain free joyful existence. Fitness has returned and now embarking on new adventures. This was not a quick fix by any means but a slow gradual transformation that I’m truly grateful for Dr. Nicki.”
       – Amanda Hart
“This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to holistically treat diabetes or improve their health in general. Anyone can benefit from reading this book, and learn how to live in a much healthier way. What I love most about this book is how the author speaks to you like a good friend who takes you by the hand to create a healthier life. She breaks down what could be an intimidating topic into a very manageable process and somehow makes it enjoyable and exciting. I appreciated the author’s first-hand experience treating her own health issues holistically, as well as her knowledge and experience with scientific, evidence-based practices. Great book!”
        – Rebecca Samson
“This book is just what I need. Thank you Dr, Nicki for a wonderfully written real-life message about diabetes. Of the 16 practices I am now practicing 1, 2 and 8 every day to become my new habits.”
       – Sandra Berryhill

“Dr. Nicki Steinberger’s book is very easy to follow, full of practical information and advice of how to actively change your lifestyle and eating habits. It shows you how to create a healthier, more energized way of living! I can’t wait to put all the helpful tips and practices into use! Thank you Dr. Nicki Steinberger for sharing your wisdom from your healing path!”
       – Mo Ruig

“I read this book to learn about preventative measures, since some people on my mother’s side have had Type 2 and all family members on both sides of my family struggle with our weight. I was impressed by the author’s personal story and also her ability to speak both authoritatively but also conversationally. She covers many more aspects of eating and also our relationship with food than most (all?) other diabetes books so that alone makes it more valuable than other books I’ve seen, which often focus on things in a more clinical manner (and for me that makes them less accessible than the content in this book). Definitely recommended even if you don’t even have Type 2 but just want to avoid it, or even just eat more healthfully in general.”
       – Crystal Hope Reed

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