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The Shadow & Light Framework is my signature 1:1 health coaching program, accompanied by an individually-tailored Lifestyle Practices Guidebook. I specialize in Intuitive-Driven Health Care to help The Uncontrolled Carboholic end the madness w/ food and sugar addiction, and prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes.

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Unexpected Growth Is the Spice of Life

June 23rd, 2022|Comments Off on Unexpected Growth Is the Spice of Life

Probability, Possibility, Inevitability In a life coaching program I joined a few years ago, I


Dr. Nicki, I wanted to thank you for continuously posting inspiring and honest information about our health and how to lead a more satisfying life holistically. At the beginning of the month I quite eating sugar and processed foods. It’s a small step in the direction of clean living for me and I believe watching your process over the last few years {albeit from afar} has inspired me to make the change. Thank you for being. xoxo-d
“Danielle, Age 39, Hayward, CA.
I became a client after I learned of my former student Dr. Nicki Steinberger’s success in reversing her type 2 diabetes. Her program is deeply thoughtful and holistic. My work with her enabled me to make some important life style changes from which I have benefited. Dr. Nicki ‘s knowledgeable, kind and conscientious approach is very powerful. I commend her to you. She’s got a winning approach many people can benefit from!
“Bonnie, Age 60, Los Angeles, CA.
Dr. Nicki supported my goal of going from diabetic type II (with an HIAC of 8.6) to pre-diabetic in just 6 months. We focused on my day-to-day nutrition as well as stress-management. I highly recommend her work!
Olivia R., Age 47, San Francisco, CA.
Dr. Nicki and the RDH approach have helped me tremendously to give me good lab results recently that I have no diabetes. A year ago or so, I was diagnosed as pre-diabetes. My LDL cholesterol has also dropped 40 points! I am so happy.
L.L., Age 52, Alameda, CA.
I was interested in seeing a holistic practitioner who was willing to work with me for a one time in-depth session. I got more out of our 2 1/2 hour Skype session than I did in my last 6 months of doctor’s visits. Dr. Nicki knows the ins and outs of the debilitating symptoms as well as easy to use approaches to recovery. If she reversed Diabetes Type II… so can I!
Jacob B., Age 62, Seattle, WA.
Thank you, Dr. Nicki. I love how you’re using various healing arts to synergistically effect a harmonious wholeness in your clients.
Art P., Mill Valley, CA.
Thank you Dr. Nicki for being a shining light knowing that the body can heal itself given the chance. There will always be people that disagree and that’s their choice. I’m so pleased people with diabetes who will not accept no cure for an answer have someone like you supporting them!
Sara S., Sheffield, England