Is This the Age of Anxiety?

The term was coined in 1947 by W.H. Auden in his long poem of the same name. He won a Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 1948. His poem highlighted human isolation, which is certainly not foreign to us during this time of pandemic, or “plandemic,” based on your perspective of the current world order.

I suggest that basking in anxiety—worry, unease, nervousness—can be relentless regardless of world events. We seem to have enough to worry about right in our own backyards. I also know that feeling anxious isn’t typically experienced as “freedom to choose” your emotional state.

A Way to Thrive

I love when helpful, and I mean DEEPLY helpful quotes or sayings have stuck with me that I can pull up in times of urgency or what feels like emergency. I consider this a healing balm, and even a savior.

So here goes… I’m reminded of Eckhart Tolle when he posed the question, “Is there truly anything wrong in THIS moment?” I often ask myself this when I’m stressed, anxious, or down-in-the-dumps.

The answer comes as a huge relief because 9.999 out of 10 times I can say, NO—there is nothing truly wrong in THIS moment. Almost ALL the fret exists in the past and future, as that’s where the mind detours on its own accord.

Giving Thanks

In this moment, I’m typically aware of gratitude for the basic meaningful things in my life—food, shelter, fresh air, loving family, nature, animals, my Ditch the Sugar Academy members that have stayed the course for over a year, a bed, blankets, water…

I breathe into it, and I’m pulled out of my misery; just like that. What, nothing’s actually wrong? COOL. My mistake; poor judgment; default, knee-jerk unconscious reaction to such ’n such situation. Come on back to center. We’re home.

Next time you find yourself in a head-spinning predicament, be sure to ask yourself if there’s really a problem in THAT moment, or if your mind is playing tricks on you.