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Dr. Nicki Steinberger

My name is Dr. Nicki Steinberger and I want to welcome you to my hub.

I’m a health psychology coach, author, and speaker. I use ©The Shadow & Light Framework to help The Uncontrolled Carboholic and those who want to ditch the sugar, end the madness with food and sugar addiction.

The benefits? Feel at home in your body and clothes (like you belong there!), raise the bar on your self-confidence (to do the things you want to do in life), LOVE your decisions (not “like…” LOVE), feel in control of the choices you make (imagine that), and prevent/reverse chronic illness (yes it’s possible).

I’m honored you’re here and value your time considerably. I’m here as an investigator, a researcher, a seeker of truth and meaning.

While shared realities feel good and bond us, I do believe “truth and meaning” are mostly subjective; less universal. My findings and suggestions regarding health and wellness won’t always ring true for you, so grab what resonates, and discard the rest.

Myers-Briggs calls me an INFP – Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving. They say I’m a perfectionist, an idealist, and on a continuous mission to refine my path in life. Discovering the “underneath” of things seems to be a BIG DEAL and quite frankly matches the mind-traveler quality of my moon and rising signs in Sagittarius (sun in Virgo). The goal on the path is always the same—to give and receive love, help transform lives, and make the world a better place.

The Enneagram calls me a #1 Reformer. The Rational, Idealistic Type: Principled, Purposeful, Self-Controlled, and Perfectionistic. I’m a crusader, teacher, and advocate for change. Organized and orderly, and afraid to make mistakes. I can be impatient and critical, yet I’m wise, discerning, and noble.

Nicki SteinbergerBut the most important aspect of getting to know me is knowing what I love. I love the ocean. More than anything perhaps, the ocean enlivens me. Sand under my feet, cold water plunges, and the constant movement of splashing waves and white water fill the canals of my spirit and cleanse my body and mind. I love reading books on health, entrepreneurship, and spirituality.

Hiking in the snow (as seen in this photo from 2017 in Ashland, Oregon), listening to podcasts on my daily walks, dog-love, deep conversations, loving connections, acceptance, my online communities, coaching everyday folks into optimal health, media interviews/speaking, sipping decaf Earl Grey tea, and expressing myself through writing, video, and art move me. Oh… I love my time-freedom for sure and bless it daily. Living simply and holistically rank high on my list. I enjoy lounging with my iPad; watching educational videos on YouTube and Gray’s Anatomy on Hulu.

My Health Story, i.e. Transformation

At age 45, after completing a M.A. in Spiritual Psychology and nearing the tail end of a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, I struggled with debilitating symptoms: chronic fatigue, tremor-like shakes, anger and irritability, constant mood shifts, and excess belly fat. I didn’t know my blood sugar and blood pressure were high until I was tested and diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Remember I’m the investigator, the researcher… so off I went to gather information and put it to use.

Middle of my story (the how-to) can be found here in my book, Wave Goodbye to Type 2 Diabetes: 16 Holistic Practices to Prevent & Reverse Diabetes & Reclaim Joy, Vitality, & Plenty.

By age 46 I reversed diabetes 100% holistically using integrative, lifestyle medicine. It was at that point that I decided to walk away from a career headed toward psychotherapy to create, teach, and coach using The Shadow & Light Framework.

I help The Uncontrolled Carboholic and those who want to ditch the sugar, end the madness with food and sugar addiction. I’ll team with you on your journey to feel at home in your body and clothes, raise the bar on your self-confidence, feel good about the decisions you make, and prevent and reverse chronic illness.

How I See You

It’s my calling to help you reclaim your health. Based on my experience, research, and recovery, from whatever place you’re struggling, I’ll help you break through old myths, stories you’ve told yourself, and limiting beliefs about health and illness that may holding you back from a life filled with joy and good health. I’m here to support you in discovering daily practices that move you from pain to liberation. Together, with holistic health education and strong heartfelt coaching, the healing begins.

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