My 50-Year Old Midlife Crisis Awakening: 7 Lessons Learned

As I was drifting off to sleep last night, knowing that today was blog-post writing day, I asked my muse—my source of artistic inspiration—to bring me a topic. She did: I was to write about my 50-year old midlife crisis awakening. For the last eight months I have been on an unexpected journey. At age fifty (now fifty-one), I left the town where I was living (with a dear beloved) and we headed north. Where

4 Smart Ways to Balance Your Blood Sugar in Winter

Winter beckons a time when some of us “batten down the hatches.” We seek layers, comfort, and warmth. I myself have had romantic visions of being snowed in inside a cozy cabin. Being from California, this doesn’t happen. I know those of you who do get snowed in don’t necessarily think it’s great or hardly romantic. Like those good ‘ole bears who fuel-up, getting ready to hibernate during the colder months, you might also experience

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Walking for Health Is a Smart Strategy

There is a simple holistic practice that if done daily, in a particular way, will catapult your health tenfold—it’s called walking. It’s holistic because it influences your body, mind, and spirit—all of you, the essence of who you are. Walking for health can give you profound results and it just may be a profound experience. Listen, you are not meant to be sedentary; if you're not moving your body, you raise your risk for chronic

Reflections on Type A Behavior and Health Concerns

Can shifting Type A behaviors help to save your life? I could choose to write about anti-inflammatory meal plans, raw foods, juicing, blending, eating healthy fats and proteins, and moving your body, but it simply wouldn’t be enough. These lifestyle choices are all very important, critical in fact. However, my integrative, holistic approach to wellness beckons me to broaden my examination of lifestyle practices, to include stress, mental/emotional patterns, and Type A behavior. All of

4 Keys to Self-Congruency: Does Your Vision Match Who You Are?

You know that vision of yourself “out there?” It’s the one that reflects the bigger, brighter, most powerful you. Visioning is a powerfully, effective way to manifest, so by all means, don’t stop imagining. The question is, have you given much thought to whether your vision of yourself matches who you truly are? This “match,” is called self-congruency. While your vision has the power to create expansion and growth in whatever areas you desire, there