From Cocoa Puffs to Fat Camps to Type 2 Diabetes [Part One: Childhood]

Now that I’ve caught your attention with such a telling title, let’s start at the beginning of my tale. As a kid growing up in Los Angeles in the early 70s, raised by parents who didn’t know much about nutrition, Cocoa Puffs for breakfast was a reality, along with Trix and Captain Crunch in a bowl of low-fat milk. The fantastic cartoonish boxes amaze me to this day; quite the alluring artistry. As of 2003,

The Best White Thing I Know Is Snow

A friend asked me what I found so intriguing about snow. Why was I constantly talking about it, focused on it, and in fact, praying for its presence at four o’ clock in the morning? I got to thinking and wondering myself—what was the lure? I approached the inquiry from “thinking-mind” which didn’t get me far. My spirit intuitively knew the answer, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It wasn’t until I

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Is There a Natural Cure for Diabetes Type II?

I reversed diabetes in 2010; in agreement with my research and experience, I firmly believed there was a natural cure for Diabetes Type II. Now, 7 years later, I’d like to expand on this idea. I’ll pose the question: Is there a natural cure for Diabetes Type II? Yes. And no. Diabetes Type II is a condition (not a disease) that exists within in a particular environment. When you change the environment, you change the

My 50-Year Old Midlife Crisis Awakening: 7 Lessons Learned

As I was drifting off to sleep last night, knowing that today was blog-post writing day, I asked my muse—my source of artistic inspiration—to bring me a topic. She did: I was to write about my 50-year old midlife crisis awakening. For the last eight months I have been on an unexpected journey. At age fifty (now fifty-one), I left the town where I was living (with a dear beloved) and we headed north. Where

4 Smart Ways to Balance Your Blood Sugar in Winter

Winter beckons a time when some of us “batten down the hatches.” We seek layers, comfort, and warmth. I myself have had romantic visions of being snowed in inside a cozy cabin. Being from California, this doesn’t happen. I know those of you who do get snowed in don’t necessarily think it’s great or hardly romantic. Like those good ‘ole bears who fuel-up, getting ready to hibernate during the colder months, you might also experience

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