There is a ton of free information available on reversing Diabetes Type II naturally. Blog posts, videos, guides, programs, courses, books, and the list goes on. I have done the research, which by they way evolves regularly, put myself in the driver’s seat of experience and experimentation, and guided others through their own process of healing holistically.

I know the depth of pain, frustration, and fear that keeps you feeling frozen, not knowing where or who to turn to for help. I want to support you in taking your next unique step to healing, whatever that looks like for you. You are now in the driver’s seat… so let’s get going!

Who Is The Everyday Person and Why Is That Important?

You deserve access to the truth about your body’s intuitive ability to heal. With the support of life-enhancing, lifestyle practices, healing comes naturally. The term “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” suggests that everyone is on the same playing field and all you need to do is “set your mind to it.”

While this may be true metaphysically (beyond the limits of sense perception), power-over-people with less resources and poverty are realities in our culture. Many people do not have access to critical information that can liberate them from dis-ease (distance from ease).

When it comes to understanding who the everyday person is, it is easiest for me to tell you who the everyday person is not. The everyday person might not have the resources available to attend a diabetes recovery program with a price tag over $10,000 in the Southwest region of the United States. The everyday person may not have access to a Vitamix high-speed blender. The everyday person may not be able to take a few weeks off of work to focus solely on their recovery with no interruptions.

The everyday person may not learn best from a thick book that is overly scientific or academic. The everyday person may not have access to 100% organic food. In fact, the everyday person may not have access in their own neighborhood to healthy, whole food at all. The list goes on.

My intention is to reach folks who may not otherwise have access to this information. I am building a scholarship fund to help those with lesser resources and contributing to it myself. My coaching programs have built-in reduced fees for low income and disability-identified folks.

My Story Reversing Diabetes Type II Naturally

dr. nicki steinberger

2003 in Los Angeles, CA

In March, 2010 at age 45 I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type II. I didn’t want to face the symptoms I was experiencing—tremor-like shaking, incredible fatigue that left me crashed out in the afternoon, increased thirst, frequent urination, extreme mood swings, chronic yeast infections, and rashes on both sides of my body.

I was unsteady, having trouble focusing, and two years deep into a doctoral dissertation in clinical psychology. I needed help fast. In fact, I needed a radical transformation.

A family member strongly suggested I get tested for Diabetes Type II. She knew the symptoms, had experienced them with someone close to her, and recognized them in me. I resisted getting tested for a couple of years. While I denied the undeclared diagnosis, secretly I worried it might be true.

Years ago, it must have been 1997, I had a psychic reading from a well-regarded woman in the community where I lived. Her name was June. She had long, dark hair and a big Los Angeles smile. In her spacious Malibu Canyon apartment, I sat elevated on a platform with a large white wall behind me. She stood a few yards in front of me and proceeded to “read the writing on the wall.” She tuned in to the entities and ancients she felt in the room. They gave her messages.

I remember there was one thing she said that stood out. She was trying to identify a message coming through. It had to do with health and illness. She couldn’t quite pinpoint it but said, “No, it’s not diabetes.” She said “it’s not” but I wondered why the thought even entered her mind. Her words stayed with me for years to come.

No, I didn’t want to get tested. I knew June said “diabetes” because she was picking up on something that was there or on its way…

The Diagnosis…

A hemoglobin A1C (HbA1c) test was ordered for me after my fasting blood glucose (sugar) results came in at 132 mg / dL. 100 mg / dL and over is cause for concern and suggests further testing is needed to determine a Diabetes Type II diagnosis. A HbA1c of 6.5% or higher confirms the diagnosis. I remember the day I sat down with my practitioner when she told me my HbA1c was 8.9%. Confirmed.

She prescribed an oral diabetes medication called metformin. I left the office with the prescription in my hand knowing very well I was not going to fill it anytime soon if at all. I am not suggesting this to you, as it was a personal decision and the right one for me at the time.

I had what I call a healthy aversion to chemical pharmaceuticals. I did not believe they had the power to heal or help me. I also had a head start. I believed in the effectiveness of lifestyle medicine and had been studying and researching holistic health and natural living for many years.

Surprisingly, the diagnosis freed me and came as a relief. It was a blessing because at that point I knew what I was dealing with and could get to work to treat it. So much for timing with a half done dissertation hanging over my head. It took me two more years to complete the dissertation. Saying this was not an easy task is a huge understatement.

The Research…

Dr. Nicki Steinberger

2012 in Carpinteria, CA w/ my brother, Marc

Time to dive in! I immersed myself in books, articles, and videos about reversing Diabetes Type II naturally… holistically. I was determined to give it my best shot.

I learned my diagnosis was actually a condition and not a disease at all. It was a condition that thrived in a particular environment and diminished in another. I would make it my mission to create the other.

I researched everything on the topic I could find. I listened and watched health educators, doctors, wise healers, and everyday people share what they knew about applying a holistic healing protocol to reversing Diabetes Type II. I was inspired.

When I found a holistic diabetes recovery program in the Southwest, I was extremely excited! That is until I noticed the price tag for the program was over $10,000. No way! No access for me. What was I going to do? I needed this. I discovered I knew the wife of the director of the program. Many years ago she was my first yoga teacher in Santa Cruz, CA and we had a great connection!

I considered writing her a letter asking if there was some way she could help me get into the program. Then I thought about all the other people who would not have access and I decided not to support a business that denied access to so many everyday people. Disappointed, I had to let it go.

In my quest to take back my health I did not stumble upon one treatment protocol or method that was right for me at the time. So I mixed and matched, took what I determined was the best of the best, and integrated it with my own knowledge, research, and intuition to create a holistic approach to reversing diabetes and other dis-ease

The Mainstream Voice

Going against the grain of the mainstream voice did not come without obstacles. I remember the moments when fear arose, influencing me to question my decision to treat and reverse Diabetes Type II naturally. It took all the confidence I had as well as acting “as if” to stand strong in my beliefs and allow them to guide my direction.

Aside from my partner at the time and my brother who supported me 100% and also believed in the power of holistic lifestyle medicine to heal, I was bombarded with messages that I must take the pharmaceuticals or I would end up with serious health complications. People close to me as well as the cultural mainstream voice echoed the same concern—that I was taking my life into my own hands. Yes. Thankfully I did just that.

The Results

Fast forward one year to March, 2011, age 46. The tremor-like shaking had stopped. My mood had found an even ground. Rashes on both sides of my body and two years of chronic yeast infections (what I later determined was Candida) were gone. I wondered what the lab results would show? Would the numbers reflect how good I was feeling? Had my diagnosis changed, matching the elimination of my symptoms?

dr. nicki steinberger

2014 in Oakland, CA

Oh was I shocked when I laid my eyes on the lab results! I could not believe it. My HA1c came in at 6.3%, down from my previous 8.9%. I checked the name at the top of the paper to make sure it was mine. My LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides (fat in the blood) had also decreased significantly over 100 points. From my heaviest weight I was down 40 pounds. It was in that moment that I discovered my life’s calling.

I would detour from a direction in psychotherapy to one in holistic health education. I was motivated and inspired to spread the word in order to help others reverse and prevent Diabetes Type II (and other dis-ease) naturally

What’s Next For You?

I’d love to hear what’s going on for you and where you are in the process of healing yourself naturally. Need some tips on how to get started or expand where you’re at now? Sign up to get my Free Guide below.

Peaceful healing,
Dr. Nicki